Richmond Addiction Services Society

The purpose of the Richmond Recovery Program is to create an environment, culture and opportunity for the youth to focus on his or her recovery as well as to support the family’s long term recovery needs. The program will bring individual and family counselling, group therapy, life-skill development, 12 step groups, sponsors, employment support, academic support, recreational and creative opportunities like digital and media arts together

Recovery Day Program Mission:

To provide a safe, drug-free and supportive transition for youth recovering from substance misuse to successfully re-integrate into the school and community.

Recovery Day Program Vision:

Our Day Program graduates will have the skills, support and resources to prevent relapse and recidivism and graduate from school.

Recovery Day Program Admission Criteria:

  1. Youth aged 24 years old and under
  2. In recovery or seeking recovery of a substance misuse and/or other addictive behaviors.
  3. Able to participate in group activities.

Service starts with an initial phone call to 604.270.9220. Our staff will gather information to determine which of our services are appropriate, or if a referral to detox, residential treatment, recovery and/or community resources is necessary.