Richmond Addiction Services Society

We offer individual and family counselling, outreach counselling and case management to seniors at home, addiction education seminars, support groups as well as the Constructive Alternative to Teen Suspension (CATS) program with the Richmond School District. Our approach is Client-Directed and Outcome-Informed (CDOI), in which we involve youth and family members in the entire process of counselling to attain the most desirable of outcomes. Our program also incorporates alternative approaches such as yoga, meditative practices and ear acupuncture when possible. Please feel free to contact us and find out more how we can support you. We are able to make referrals to residential treatment facilities in Vancouver and through out BC.

Service starts with an initial phone call to 604.270.9220.  Our staff will gather information to determine which of our services are appropriate, or if a referral to detox, residential treatment, recovery and/or other community resources is necessary.

RASS is now offering drop in time between 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm from Monday to Friday so that members of community, individuals, parents, families and community agencies have access to help each day between that time. We are open and available daily for resources, guidance and help!

If this is a referral, please download the referral form. Return completed form by fax 604.270.9245 or email.