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Print and complete the Membership Application - then send it, along with your cheque, to renew your RASS membership and help us continue to help our community.

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  • 604.270.9220
    105 - 8080 Anderson Rd
    Richmond BC,  V6Y 0J5
Thank You for supporting our Services!

In dedication to those individuals, companies, agencies and foundations that allow Richmond Addiction Services Society (RASS) to operate new and exciting programs in our community. Without the support of these important people, RASS could not continue to bring innovative and specialized programs to Richmond and the Lower Mainland.

As part of our responsibility, we would like to recognize their contribution to our programs. Please click on  logos above to connect to our donors websites to learn more about their programs and services.

Please contact Executive Director, Richard Dubras for more information or to find out how we can work together!


Volunteers are an important part of RASS, linking us to our community and providing valuable skills and knowledge.

Some examples of volunteer roles are Front Office Greeter; Public Relations Officer, Volunteer Mentor, Ambassador and Artistic Director.

Please complete the application form if you are interested to apply a volunteer position.

Thank you for your interest in our volunteer program.

Click here for VOLUNTEER Opportunities


Catherine's story of recovery from substance use.


Your financial support is greatly needed and appreciated. Call 604-270-9220 to make your tax deductible donation or use your credit card to donate via paypal.

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