Richmond Addiction Services Society

Excellence in Addiction Prevention - Education, Engagement, Treatment.
We are dedicated to providing expertise in preventing and treating addictions in our community.
Healthy and safe living for individuals and families in our community.
Values & Beliefs:
• Understanding and Compassionate
• Accepting and Respectful
• Accessible and Safe
• Responsive and Timely
• Adaptable and Creative
• Collaborative


RASS receives annualized funding from Vancouver Coast Health in Richmond to operate its clinical and a prevention work in Richmond.

In Addition, the Society receives a 3 year community grant from the City of Richmond to support its Community Prevention Program.

RASS also benefits from one time grant opportunities to augment and pilot new programs from the Government of BC, Betty Averbach Foundation, the United Way of the Lower Mainland and the RBC Foundation.  We are appreciative of this support as well as to the many other business, individual and anonymous donors throughout the year.

Your financial support is greatly needed and appreciated. Call 604-270-9220 to make your tax deductible donation or use your credit card to donate via paypal.

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