Clarence - Interim Executive Director/Program Coordinator & Youth and Family Counsellor


Clarence started working with the Youth and Family program as Youth and Family Counsellor in April 2012. Apart from helping youth and families with substance use and behavioral addiction such as gambling, internet and video gaming, he has also been able to work with the concurrent mental health issues presented alongside with the addiction issues.  Clarence is a certified Canadian Problem Gambling Counsellor (CPGC). He worked in the Problem Gambling Program with Richmond Addiction Services since the inception of the Program in fall, 1997. Richmond is the home of Clarence and his family ever since he started his career with Richmond Addiction Services. He has the passion to contribute his expertise in making Richmond a better place to live.

Fiona - Clinical Supervisor fionas

Fiona is a loyal friend, loving sister, and crazy auntie. She brings these same qualities to her passion; working with people from all walks of life to support their healing, growth and well- being. She has been counsellor for over 25 years from women’s transition house worker in Yellowknife, to youth counsellor on the streets of Calgary, to training addiction workers in refugee camps in Thailand, to supporting people to recover their lives from trauma and addiction at the DEW program and Pacifica Treatment Centre in Vancouver. Fiona is on her own healing journey and believes in “walking the talk”. She values compassion, joy, safety for all, celebrating diversity, justice, equality, laughter, connection and creativity. Fiona enjoys adventure travel, hiking beautiful BC, running, drinking tea and watching Marvel movies. Favourite quote : “one kind word can warm 3 winter months” (Japanese proverb)

Sonia - Youth and Family Counsellor


Sonia graduated from Adler University with her Master of Counselling Psychology degree. She provides counselling services in both English and Punjabi. Sonia has a wide range of training and experience in working with couples, families, adults, groups, youth, and children. She works from a strength-based, collaborative and holistic approach utilizing a variety of techniques and interventions that are designed to match individual needs. Sonia believes in the importance of creating a safe and empathic environment as the foundation to facilitate a strong therapeutic relationship. Her non-judgmental, caring and open-minded attitude helps clients feel comfortable, respected and understood as they grow at their own pace. 

When Sonia is not working, she enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends, reading, going for walks in nature and watching reruns of Dragon's Den. Her favourite quote and life motto is, “Grow high but stay grounded.


 Kristina - Youth and Family Counsellor




Rebecca  - Supporting Families Clinician

rebeccaRebecca  is a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) with a Masters of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy from ACTS Seminaries at Trinity Western University. Rebecca has had experiences working with a variety of populations and needs, both individually with adults, youths, and children, as well as with parents, couples, and families. Rebecca’s unique systematic perspective and background brings a more complete picture with every client she works with, knowing that no individual can ever be fully separated from the social and cultural connections that impact who they, how they cope with pain, and how the journey to healing happens. Rebecca works from a client-centred, strength-based, and collaborative approach, utilizing techniques and interventions designed to meet individual needs. Rebecca strongly believes in the importance of creating a safe and empathic space as the foundation of every therapeutic relationship. Rebecca provides counselling services in English. Rebecca is also fluent in conversational Mandarin but is currently unable to provide counselling using Mandarin.

estelaEstela - Aging Well Outreach Counsellor

Estela has a background in Social Work in the fields of community engagement and counselling. Her focus has been addictions and mental health in the Older Adult population, since 1996. In 2008, she joined RASS to contribute to the creation of the Aging Well Program in Richmond and has been an Outreach Counsellor for the program since then.

She asks others to look around and notice how the Older Adults in their community are being treated. Think, that in time, you will be an Older Adult yourself. Start working today in creating the culture you wish to age in.

Kunval - Aging Well Prevention Specialist


Kunval has a background in health promotion and prevention programing. She values supporting those in need with compassion and respect, giving back to her community and making it a safe welcoming place for everyone. She loves to travel, spend time with family and exercise her creativity with new activities and experiences.


Danny - Prevention Specialist


Danny believes all people and all moments are rich with possibility. He lives to connect people with a strong sense of meaning as we make life decisions. Danny loves to garden, has an insatiable appetite for good books and enjoys exploring with a coffee in one hand, his camera in the other. He also really likes sea otters.


Daniel - Prevention Specialist dr

Daniel credits two educators at his high school in Richmond with helping him choose social services as his career path. His goal is to replicate the kindness and compassion that he was shown by people towards him in his youth, with other young people in Richmond. He acknowldges that he is fortunate enough to have an amazing group of family and friends around him in any time of need. His favourite superhero he would like to be when he grows up is his Grandmother. 


Gabby - Prevention Worker gc

Ever since her last year of high school, Gabby has found her passion in social work and dreamed of being in a career where she could serve and support those in need of an extra helping hand (because let’s face it, life can be pretty tough and having someone there for you can help a lot!) Several volunteering opportunities later, Gabby is now gaining direct experience in the very field she wished to work in, and what a wonderful experience it has been so far! She is a part of the School’s Out program, and loves being a best friend to the children she works with. She finds the youth population to be very relatable and feels right at home alongside them.

Oh, Gabby also draws. A lot. Staff meetings are her favourite place to practice still life and portraiture.