Daniel - Executive Director

Daniel Remedios CustomDaniel credits two educators at his high school in Richmond with helping him choose social services as his career path. His goal is to replicate the kindness and compassion that he was shown by people towards him in his youth, with other young people in Richmond. He acknowldges that he is fortunate enough to have an amazing group of family and friends around him in any time of need. His favourite superhero he would like to be when he grows up is his Grandmother. 

Clarence - Program Coordinator

Clarence Chan PhoneClarence was born in Hong Kong and came to Canada in 1997.

Clarence has been working at RASS since October 1997 approaching the 25th anniversary with RASS next year, 2022.

Clarence is the Program Coordinator who manages and coordinates the Community Prevention Services within RASS. This includes the Community and School Prevention, Supporting Families, Supporting Youth Program, School’s Out and Foundry Community Engagement and Peer Support.

Richmond is the home of Clarence and his family ever since he started his career with Richmond Addiction Services. He has the passion to contribute his expertise in making Richmond a better place to live.

Clarence is an avid traveler, and he loves travel around the world enjoying different scenery and cuisines. Clarence like watching soccer and playing badminton.

Jenny Tse - Office Coordinator

Jenny Tse PhoneJenny has been working at RASS since January 2007, she first started to hire as a receptionist for the Youth and Family program and became the Office Coordinator in the year of 2011. Jenny is a long-term Richmond resident staying with husband and son.

Jenny performs administrative support functions to support the management and the staff team.

Outside of my work, I love to meet friends and families. I like jogging, walking, and listening to soothing music.

Jade Ye - Accounting Administrator

Jade Ye PhoneJade was born in China and came to Canada 15 years ago. Jade has both science and financial backgrounds, and she is passionate about helping people and has worked in charities for more than 5 years.

As a CPA designated in 2013, Jade always tries to maximize the company benefits under the rules and principals. Jade was so excited to start her new career as an accounting administrator   in RASS in June,2021, she does full cycle accounting services and prepares for all the budgets and financial reports internally and externally.

Jade appreciates what she has and tries her best everyday. She loves study, music, dancing, nature, travel, badminton, soccer, religion, traditional and multi-culture, etc.

Danny Taylor - Prevention Specialist
Danny Taylor PhoneDanny believes all people and all moments are rich with possibility. He lives to connect people with a strong sense of meaning as we make life decisions. Danny loves to garden, has an insatiable appetite for good books and enjoys exploring with a coffee in one hand, his camera in the other. He also really likes sea otters.

Vivian Nguyen - Prevention Worker
Vivian Nguyen PhoneVivian was born and raised in Vancouver, B.C. Vivian is a new addition to RASS as a Prevention Worker for the School’s Out program . Vivian is currently finishing off her degree at the University of British Columbia in Psychology with a minor in Health & Society. She is passionate in making a difference in community and enjoys working with different demographics. She also works in Health & Safety for low income individuals in the Downtown Eastside Community. Vivian enjoys exploring the world and trying to new things whether it be new cultures, foods or communities. Vivian has her own food blog where she tries new cuisines and shares her experiences to the world. Vivian grew up playing many competitive sports and enjoys maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Gabby - Prevention Worker

Gabrielle Cometa 1 PhoneGabby is a Filipino-Canadian who was born in Vancouver in 1995, then moved to Richmond in 2007. She is currently a Prevention Worker at RASS, but has worked with the agency as School’s Out leader since 2017. She has spent a lot of time developing and delivering programming for afterschool children and becoming involved as a youth leader with Foundry. Now she can apply her skills agency-wide by helping with CATS, Supporting Families, and a number of committees within RASS like Inclusion and Social Media. As someone with ADHD and has a sister on the autism spectrum, Gabby strives to advocate for neurodivergent people, particularly youth, and incorporates her passion for accommodation and self-acceptance into all her work. Main interests are not limited to but strongly include art, creativity, video games, whimsy, exploring, learning, nature, and rats. Lots of rats.

Sujan Sivanathan - Prevention Worker

Sujan Sivanathan PhoneSujan was born in Toronto Ontario in 1994 to parents of Sri-Lankan descent. The family moved to British Columbia when Sujan was just 4 years old. After a brief time in Vancouver, Sujan’s parents decided to move to Richmond, and he has spent all his life in this city ever since. After several volunteer opportunities in his community growing up, Sujan realized his passion for working with people and decided to pursue role with RASS as a Prevention Worker in August 2021. In this position Sujan works with his colleagues to help run the School’s Out Program at Blundell Elementary School. This program offers a healthy, safe, and educational space to elementary school students with the aim of increasing their self-confidence through mentorship, social support, and of course (Sujan’s personal favorite), physical activity! When Sujan isn’t working at RASS, you can find him at the gym, training his clients as a personal trainer!

Nat Ho - Youth Peer Support Worker
Natalie Ho PhoneNat is a Youth Peer Support Worker and has been involved with Foundry Richmond through RASS ever since the opening of the interim site in July 2020. As someone who was born and raised in Richmond, Nat finds it rewarding being in a role providing support to the youth in Richmond, many of whom are Nat’s own peers, as they navigate their mental health and the healthcare system. In this role, Nat hopes to be a part of lowering barriers and making services more accessible and relevant to the youth in Richmond. Nat’s spare time is spent resting, healing, building friendships, and learning new things.

Jian Gatchalian  - Youth Peer Support Worker

Natalie Ho PhoneJian was born in the Philippines and has called Canada home since she was 5, having grown up in both Richmond and Calgary. Jian began her journey with RASS in February 2018 as a Receptionist and took on her current role of Youth Peer Support Worker in April 2021. You will find her spending most of her workdays at Foundry Richmond as part of the Peer Support program, which aims to provide youth between the ages of 12-24 non-clinical emotional support, assistance in navigating local resources and programs, and advocacy for individual as well as collective needs. She enjoys iced coffees, naps, and spending hours engrossed in a book or streaming site. You may be able to coax her out for some fresh air if there's food involved. 

Sandra Karac

Sandra Karac PhoneSandra is a UBC graduate, with a passion in supporting young adults experiencing a combination of emotional and/or psychiatric problems in addition to problematic substance use. She is also passionate about addressing treatment gaps for clients and creating, supporting, and delivering service(s) that are responsive to individual’s diverse needs. Outside of work, Sandra loves doing Pilates, reading, and spending time with loved ones

Nicole Chan - Supporting Families Clinician

Nicole Chan PhoneNicole comes from a background of social service work with many years working as a support worker for adults with developmental disabilities. Through that work, she became interested in counselling and pursued a master’s in counselling psychology. Nicole is passionate about working with families to strengthen their connection with themselves and with each other. In her free time, Nicole loves hiking, reading books, watching shows, and dreaming about having her own dog.