Richmond Addiction Services Society

RASS COVID – 19 Phased plans
Phase 3: Staff Working from home
Starting on Thursday March 19, 2020

For all RASS staff, we are now working from home but we will continue to work from 830 am to 430 pm Monday through Friday. Evening hours can be available based on availability with each counsellor. Our doors will be closed from March 19, 2020.

For new clients, please call 604-270-9220 and we will organize intake and planning sessions but these will be all via telephone or online resources.

For current clients, counsellors will be in touch with you directly or clients can call or email your RASS counsellor directly.

If this is an emergency, please go to Richmond General Hospital, call 911 or Chimo Community Services at 604-279-7070.

If you are struggling with substance use or misuse or having difficulty with gambling or another addictive behaviour you have come to the right place. Richmond Addiction Services offers support and counselling for you and your loved one. Setting up a counselling planning session is really simple, just call 604-270-9220 - or send us an Email and one of our counsellors will call you back within 24 hours during business days.

Service starts with an initial phone call to 604-270-9220. Our staff will gather information to determine which of our services are appropriate, or if a referral to detox, residential treatment, recovery and/or other community resources is necessary.

Richmond Addiction Services has been a proud supporter of the Richmond community since 1975 and we intend to continue to provide support, education and services for the years to come.  However, it is apparent that in today’s economic reality, we need to look to the community and its businesses to support us.  We are proud to list our donors on our website to acknowledge our collaborative and close relationship to these individuals and organizations.  If for any reason you do not wish to have your organization recognized on our website please don’t hesitate to call the Executive Director.

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